Synthetic Ropes

TUFROPES is one of India's LEADING manufacturer of High Quality Synthetic Ropes and Nets. Zaiba Enterprise has chosen to partner with Tufropes due to their excellent support and constant R&D, which in turn have produced high quality products and increased market visibility. Tufropes is also flexible in providing customized products by giving importance to color, packing, labelling, etc.
Products are inspected for:
Linear Density
Breaking Strength
UV Testing
Colour shade
Any characteristic specified by the customer
Third party certification from:
Bureau Veritas
Germanischer Lloyd
Russian register of Shipping
Lloyd Register of Shipping
LARGEST EXPORTER OF ROPES Award for the past 3 years from the Government of India
Recognized as a STAR EXPORTED by the Government of India
Polypropylene Ropes
Light-weight, long-lasting and inert to chemicals. Available in film ropes (3 & 8 strands), monofilament ropes (3 & 4 strands), polyolefin ropes (3 & 8 strands) and truck ropes. The Truck ropes are black PP mono ropes with orange tracer in each strand. This rope is available in 3-strands.
Polyethylene Ropes
These ropes are multi-purpose ropes that are easy to splice and handle. It has a soft feel and is resistant to abrasion. It comes in 3 strands.
HDPE Mono-multicoloured Ropes
These ropes come in a variety of colours and have excellent shock-loading and smooth finish. These ropes are easy to handle, with the same breaking strength in wet and dry conditions. Available in both 3-strands and 4-strands.
Nylon Multifilament Ropes
These are tough multi-filament ropes that are stronger than polyporpylene mono-filament ropes. These sinking ropes have excellent shock absorption and are resistant to rot and mildew. Available in 3-strands and 8-strands.
Polyester Multifilament Ropes
These ropes have high abrasion resistance and low elasticity. They are eaasy to splice and have high breaking strength. Available in 3-strands and 8-strands.
Anchor Line
These are made from PP or PE soft medium lay ropes. Available in 3 strands. With high quality SS thimbles on one side and soft loops on the other side, these ropes are easy to handle and splice. They are easily attached to anchor kits and have the same breaking strength in both wet and dry conditions.
Rope with Lead Core
Manufactured from fiber-wrapped lead lines to make the ropes as heavy as manilla ropes. Ideal for fishing net bottom lines, with high ultra-violet light resistance. Available in 3 strands.
Tuf-Flex ropes
Tuf-flex ropes are from a combination of high tenacity polyester and polypropylene in a specific composition. These ropes have better ultre-violet resistance due to its polyester cover. It retains its flexibility after prolonged use. Available in both 3 strands and 8 strands.


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